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The fibroid tea does not effect your cycle, it helps to cleanse the toxins from the uterus. The tea alone is not as effective as doing the Uterus Cleanse and using the Uterus  Formula. Fibroids develop from certain foods within the diet such as sugar, dairy and other processed foods. To help dissolve the tumor we recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse followed by the Uterus Cleanse And Regimen. Your body is always more receptive to healing itself when your overall health is in a better state and your body is cleansed of toxins and waste. Please take the time to read the articles below: Uterine, Ovarian, and Cervical Tumors and Cysts, Fibroid Tumors.

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We recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse is a detox program that eliminates heavy metal toxins and waste from your body that often contributes to things like weight issues and certain health ailments. In doing the cleanse, you're detoxing all of your major organs boosting your energy levels and immune system. The cleanse helps eradicate sugar and junk food cravings. You can also try the Hunger Control and Sugar Control supplements.

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A vegan diet provides all the nutrients one needs. Be sure that you're all consuming a good amount of fruits and vegetables, as these foods predominately provide all the nutrients that the body needs. You can give the children the multivitamin to help boost their immune system. We recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse first, followed by the 10 Day Blood Cleanse. Severe skin issues are related to a problem within the blood, cleansing it is best. Continuing with the Blood & Lymphatic Formula is also ideal. Please take time to read the following article: Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder.

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We have numerous raw salad dressing recipes available on our recipe section. The salad dressing you tried, might be better with apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice in addition to adding the sea salt and herbs & spices of your choice.

We always recommend doing The Full Body Cleanse first to get your overall health into a better place, your body is always more receptive to healing when it's in a healthier state. You should do the Nerve Cleanse And Regimen to specifically help bring recovery to your nerves. After cleansing we suggest continuing with the Nerve Formula and the Central Nervous System supplement. If you're looking for a supplement to assist with pain we suggest trying the Headache And Pain Formula.

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The food combining chart is a suggestion for "optimal" digestion. It suggests we should eat mono meals optimally. This is often impossible and there is no evidence scientifically for this method. I am not sure how it would be studied anyway. It is considered best to try to adhere to the rules to the best of your ability. However, mixing fruits and veggies as in a green smoothie is absolutely fine. The benefits of the nutrition you receive will out weigh any digestive disturbance that may occur. Feel safe to have green smoothies in your diet and cleanse. Hope this answers your question!

It is best to avoid oil for the cleanse and future dieting. Oil slows down digestion, reduces blood flow up to 30 percent for 3 hours after digestion, and is essentially a ton of calories with little to no nutrient value. When you sauté vegetables in olive or other oil you are turning a low calories highly nutritious food into a high calorie and low nutrient dense food. Steaming is an OK option if done lightly. When you steam vegetables you do reduce nutrient value and destroy some enzymes. If you do you will lessen the impact of the cleanse to a degree but I would rather you eat the vegetable than not at all. The benefit of eating the vegetable lightly steamed is better than avoiding the vegetable. Hope this helps!

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Your body does not like rapid changes in weight and will fight you along the way. These are called plateaus. It's too early to panic and by the time you get this email I am pretty sure your weight will have shifted again. You cannot spot lose weight. Your body picks and chooses where it gains weight and where it loses weight. Sometimes they aren't the same places. Working out always helps the process. Fitness for weight loss is interval cardio training and circuit weight training. Example of both would be: Interval training on bike. 3 minute warmup 30 seconds of high speed 1 minute of recovery repeat for 15 minutes till 30 minutes. Circuit training (five rounds-1 minute rest in between rounds) Mountain climbers x 20 Pushups x 20 Squats x 20 Bent over rows x 15 Crunches x 25 Without knowing your body type, sports history, and health history I cannot recommend any specific exercise. Hope this helps!

The chia shake should be fine as long as the chia is soaked in the drink. Eating small seeds like chia and flax seeds can go through digestion whole and be wasted. Soaking, sprouting, and grinding before consumption increases the likely hood that the small seeds will get digested and their nutrients utilized properly. Hope this helps!

Organic non GMO steamed edamame is a super healthy addition to any diet as long as you are not allergic. However please try to refrain from it during your cleanse. The object of a cleanse is to give your body the least amount of work to do so that it has free energy to clean house so to speak. Also being that soy can be an allergen you want to do an elimination diet. An elimination diet does not have to be during a cleanse. Try removing an allergen such as dairy, gluten, soy, peanuts from your diet for two weeks and then bring it back in. Monitor your body and see how it reacts. If it reacts negatively then you are allergic (allergies increase, joint and muscle pain increase). Hope this helps!

All fruits and vegetables, seeds and herbs raise white and red cell count. Adhering to a high raw vegan diet would be the best suggestion not only as a temporary detox or fix but as a permanent solution. Consider reading the beauty detox solution by Snyder as a guide book. Two spices that are implicated in increasing red and white blood cells are garlic and ginger. Consider adding them to your daily regiment. Also exercising daily and taking in foods that contain zinc can also boost your count. Adding a single cup of green tea daily can also help.

Four ways to lower both cholesterol and fat in your blood.

1: Reduce animal products to a minimum in your diet. Artery clogging saturated fat and cholesterol are mainly found in animal based foods. Anytime you replace an animal food for a plant based food you increase your chances to lower fat in blood and lower cholesterol.

2: Exercise daily. Your lymph system pumps blood and removes fat, bile, and toxins from your system. A mini trampoline is one of the highest recommended exercises to get the lymph system pumping. 15 minutes on a mini trampoline has the same effect as half hour of cardio as far as lymph systems are concerned.

3: Doing a detox program such as the Full Body Cleanse from It is a proven system coupled with a raw food eating plan that will clean your system out and you will feel like new.

4: Adhere to a low fat - high raw vegan diet. Literally no cholesterol at all and if you keep your fat intake low you will reduce and remove both of your issues. Average cholesterol for omnivores is 190. Vegetarians 160. Vegans 130.

Please read "Do You Want To Lower Your Cholesterol? Add These Foods To Your Diet","7 Natural Remedies For Lowering High Cholesterol", "Lemongrass Can Lower Cholesterol & Boost Immunity".

I first would like to commend you on your ability to prioritize in such an effective manner.  Your life sounds like one lived in great service to  and love of others.  However, it is also VERY important that you receive energy from others so that you do not become too imbalanced.  Balance in life is crucial in all things (spiritual, physical, cognitive, relational etc). Your loneliness is your heart's/spirit's way of asking for relational balance.  It will continue asking louder and cause difficulties in other areas of your life/being until you create this balance.  Your substance use (and thank you for your honesty) only temporarily masks the loneliness, but drugs can only make it worse.  You see, drugs block us from becoming skilled at creating healthy relationships because they numbs us by turning down the volume on our brain's natural pleasure-centers. Additionally; keep in mind:  Your first fruits are always to be consumed by YOU!  You must always place yourself first, even before your son.  In example:  Airlines direct you that in the event of trouble you are to place your own oxygen mask on first.  You can be of no use to your son if you are unconscious due to lack of oxygen.  Similarly, if you give all of your fruits to others, you will have no "seed" or energy to produce more fruit.   You must give to you first!  Then you have the energy to give to others.  It teaches others how to give to you, how to love you, how to respect you and your needs while giving them the opportunity to reciprocate by giving to you.  This is how we balance giving.  Don't worry if it feels selfish at first, it definitely will seem that way, to you and possibly others.  Its just the change of tides making everyone feel a bit uncomfortable - but this will balance out in time as you become  more skilled at receiving and feel more worthy of others' care . I realize you have asked several other questions, however I have addressed the one I feel will help unblock your energy and allow you to see that the answers to the other questions have always been right before you.  We are born with everything we need to accomplish our goals, we only need to focus on the proper utilization of these gifts and resources.  If you couple this skill with fearlessness and belief in oneself, you will win. This communication does not constitute a client/coach relationship.  This is for information purposes only. Life is simply beautiful!  Enjoy your Self!

Motivating yourself to stick to healthy foods and exercise is not as difficult as you think.  The real reason people beleive it is difficult is because garbage foods are addictive, just like drugs.  Once you properly cleanse/detox your body (and brain), you will begin to crave raw fruits and vegetables just as you now crave your favoriate drug/food  If you don't beleive me, simply try it.  Contact Dherbs and get products to thorougly detox and cleanse your body, and eliminate parasites.  The cleaner you are internally, the more you will crave healthy foods and have the energy to exercise.  A dirty body does not want to move.   Of course there are many ways I can assist you in motivating yourself to adhere to the detox and cleansing until your healthy cravings kick in.  If you tell me a bit about your specific challenge I will respond with a bit on that as well.   I hope this was helpful!

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Let's go through one thing at a time. Your overall schedule and lifestyle is not healthy and will likely sabotage your health goals. Receiving so little sleep will prevent major weight loss because your body cannot cleanse and cannot recharge. You must repay your energy debt before you can properly lose weight. Your body is always in a state of playing catch-up to the workload you are giving it. It stores fat because it doesn't have theenergy to properly function. I understand crazy schedules but they will not get you the results you desire. I would focus on trying to find a more balanced or healthier schedule before adding the stress of losing weight to an already overworked body. Your body has been come toxic and inflamed from a toxic lifestyle. A high carb-high raw vegan diet will help ease your suffering the most. A high carb (fruit based) diet will help replenish your energy stores and reducenutritional stress. To learn more about how a healthy vegan diet can help you reach your goals please consider the following eBooks found at "Go Vegan the Healthy way" or "Lose weight the healthy way" As far as your mindset is concerned an all or nothing approach rarely breeds success. Especially when it come to regaining health or losing weight. It takes time and patience. I would recommend checking out the DVD "Fat, sick and nearly dead". It's a fascinating look at how you can quickly go from a health zero to a health hero in the shortest time. Every single person on the planet has a sweet tooth. Those who say they don't usually are hopped up on caffiene or other drugs and pharmaceuticals. Every cell in the body runs on glucose. The brain eats up a small apple and a half worth of glucose every hour. Eating a high carb-lower fat diet will give you an energy abundance, reduce overall stress, and help you lose weight. Hope this helps!

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All those conditions are expressions or symptoms of an undelying toxic body.  All of the programs that are healing MS are using a vegan diet. In fact the only case of full recovery of MS through diet has been done thorugh Dr. McDougla's starch based vegan diet. You should atleast try to remove high fat animal foods from your diet. Especially dairy. Treating Multiple Sclerosis with Diet: Fact or Fraud? There has always been a link between dairy and MS Correlation between milk and dairy product consumtion and MS prevalance: a worldwide study.  A lot of people have had great success healing the conditions you have with high raw vegan diet. Please consider purchasing the "Go Vegan the Healthy Way" eBook sold at for more info.

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All fruits and vegetables lower cholesterol with the exception of coconut oil. Two foods although not raw which in studies were shown to reduce cholesterol 20 points in a week were a cup of beans and a cup of oatmeal. Following a high carb version (fruit based) of the raw diet is the fastest way to lower overall cholesterol and regain homeostasis. A high fat gourmet raw will do little in lowering your overall cholesterol numbers as well as not help you regain lost health.

Cholesterol Formula

You should absolutely consider going vegan for your long term health, the health of the planet, and of course sparing countless animals from suffering. I have been vegan for over five years and they have been the best of my life! With that being said, the best way to keep from getting bored is to eat a variety of fruits and veggies. The main meals of a basic raw food eater is smoothies, soups, collard green wraps, and raw pasta made with zucchini instead of pasta.  You can find more vegan recipes on our Vegan Recipes page. 

The best way to balance blood sugar and keep your body in a fat burning zone is to eat low fat and every 3-4 hours. Also high raw and high carb. Here are some options. Just a general outline.  

6am  Muesli - fruit smoothie-green smoothie

9am 2-3 pieces of fruit

12pm Raw wraps-raw pasta-salad with legumes

3pm 2-3 peices of fruit

6pm wraps-raw pasta-salad with legumes

9pm Sorbet   I suggest reading "Beauty detox solution" by Snyder, "Crazy Sexy Diet" by Karr, or 80-10-10 by Graham. 

Please read "Blood Sugar Imbalance", "Walking After Dinner May Improve Digestion And Control Blood Sugar", "Does The Key To Balancing Blood Sugar Lie In The Gut?".

I hope this helps!

Ready for TMI?   Healthy bowel movements are a marker of good health and naturally part of the bodies detox system. Transit time for food should be a day and a half from mouth to anus. Healthy people have 2-3 bowel movements a day. 1 or less indicates constipation. Once a week is a serious medical concern. Food that hangs around becomes toxic and rots. Colon cancer is of major concern if you are not having at least 1 bowel movement per day. I recommend a salt flush to help aid the removal of built up fecal matter.   To do a salt flush you need: 1 liter of water purified 2 teaspoons of sea salt or Himalayan rock salt   Drink on an empty stomach. Best done first thing in the morning when you have an hour or two of free time. It tastes terrible but it works. You will have a flush in about a half hour. You could also add some lemon and tiny amount of maple syrup to the mixture to hide the taste. Do not do the flush and then go out in public. Ha! Give yourself time to get it all out. This can be done every season or when you go a day or two without a bowel movement.   Try to avoid salt the day of and after the flush.     If you have a dog you will notice that after each time they eat within 15 minutes they will have a bowel movement. That is a sign of a healthy digestive tract.    A way to check transit time is to eat beets. Note the time of eating the food and when the visible markers of red tinted fecal matter shows up in your toilet bowl.    I eat a 60-90 percent raw, low fat, high carb vegan diet. It is approximately 4pm where I am and I have already had three bowel movements. I average three a day.    I also recommend watching this video:   Hope this helps!

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