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Reviews: Calcium Formula

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Calcium Formula

by N.
This is a great formula for anyone who wants to avoid consuming calcium-rich dairy products or prefers a more herbal approach to calcium deficiency. It is gentle on the stomach and can easily become part of your daily supplement regimen. *
5 / 5

Calcium Formula

by Todd
I purchased the Calcium formula for my mother because the doctor told her she was losing bone density. He recommended a calcium supplement and she has been taking a supplement of inorganic calcium gluconate, and taking an antacid that has calcium carbonate (TUMS). I threw all of her inorganic calcium away and replaced it with Dherbs Calcium formula which is 100% organic. It also had another effect on my mother, it has made her body more alkaline. I highly recommend this formula. *
5 / 5

Calcium Formula

by Velda
I started taking calcium with Joint formula & Vitamin D for severe pain. I mean I would wobble I had so much pain in my lower back, both hips down to my toes and now I feel great pain free. *
5 / 5

Calcium Formula

by Marylee
I really like Calcium Formula very much !! It helps my family to maintain strong healthy bones !! *
5 / 5

Calcium Formula

by Reina
Since I have read about Dherbs I felt a need to investigate and educate myself. Therefore, I started with the purchase of the Calcium Formula and I have been taking it. I was not aware calcium needs to be preferably derived from greens. With Gods will I will continue taking Dherbs calcium, and I am looking forward to buying the Full Body Detox very soon along with any other necessary supplements to help my body. Thank you Ms. Kimberly for your great help and your application of one of the true living God attributes of the Holy Spirit: Great Patience. Thank you all at Dherbs. Yours very truly, Mrs. Garcia *
5 / 5

Calcium Formula

by Theresa
I previously used another calcium formula since my doctor recommended a calcium supplement. I began using your Calcium Formula about (3) weeks ago and I am very pleased with the results. I have not had any problems with aches and pains in my feet or joints. I use many of your other products and have been very pleased. *
4 / 5

Calcium Formula

by Ashley
I'm really loving this product.. Will be reordering soon.. *
4 / 5

Calcium Formula

by arthur
taking calcium formula works well for me along with my daily regimen calcium in a good natural herb I think is better than other forms of calcium looking forward twards better health. *
4 / 5

Calcium Formula

by aswud
I recently finished taking the Calcium Formula and I must say I didn't think it would make much difference but WOW was I wrong! I had pain in my feet (bones) from my daily walking I have to do on hard concrete for school. Taking the Calcium Formula greatly increased my duration of walking without experiencing pain. Thx Dherbs! *
3 / 5
Calcium Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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