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Begin with the Full Body Cleanse. However, don't take the herbs with the medication because they are poisonous. Herbs and poisons don't mix and actually defeats the whole purpose and I don't want people to waste their money. But you'll do far better with nature's herbs over man's harmful drugs. Glad you find the articles interesting!

Full Body Cleanse

No, do not take medication with herbs as it defeats the purpose and you'll be wasting your money. Medication (drugs) are poisons and herbs fight against poisons so as to help the body heal.

We have already addressed this disease with an article that is on our articles page. Would you kindly go there and read the article for purposes of solutions? It's entitled "Sarcoidosis".

It's your choice! Of course it's best to continue to do so. It's up to you, beloved! I personally don't recommend it. Not true! You can't get protein from cooked foods regardless of what the food is. Of course not, unless you are ignorant to protein, real protein, how and where to get it.

Yes, the Full Body Cleanse is a detox program that last for 20 days. The Weight Release Formula is a great supplement to help maintain weight post cleanse. For some people it’s very necessary to continue with, but for some people it isn’t. The diet you keep after the cleanse always contributes to how your weight is maintained in general.

Full Body Cleanse
Weight Release Formula

Yes, it takes 90 days to get new blood, 11 months for new organs, and 2 years for new bones. Our detox is for 3 weeks! Who would perform a detox that lasts for 3 months? You have to be practical when dealing with the majority of people. 90 days of detoxing is way too much for them. It must be a gradual process, beloved!

The ankles and feet swell due to excess fluid trapped in the body which points to a poor circulation problem. As for the summer time, i'd have to go more into detail on the various reasons. A consultation is best for this, as i would have to write a book to explain the various reasons. Never the less, you have excess fluid trapped in your body and you should abstain from man-made salt and use sea salt instead as salt causes retention of water in the body. I will also do an article on this subject very soon so please stay tuned to

Acai berry is a newly introduced fruit to the U.S. That as amazing qualities. It is high in antioxidants and vitamins. It can be used to help enhance energy leves as well help folks reduce and keep weight off. It's an awesome fruit!!!!! However, the acai berry is not more powerful than your mind!

I trust you read my article that covers these foods below. Beloved, acid foods are not bad (unhealthy) and in fact you need some acid foods to balance out the diet. The problem is with acid-forming foods (cooked foods: meat, dairy, refined starches, refined grains, etc.). So there's a difference between acid foods and acid-forming foods. And you do know that most of what we are eating is hybridized, right? We are not in control of what we are eating today. Even dr. Sebi eats hybridized foods. He can't help it. We don't control the food supply. Remember, ma'am: balance in all things. Some acid foods are good and necessary but acid-forming foods are unhealthy as they create mucus in the body.

Ma'am, you have to do what you have to do but I agree with your daughter in that you should abstain from these dinners due to the ingredients and the fact that it's processed. Sometimes are okay, but not often. Raw foods are better! Make sure you keep eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Stabilized oxygen enhances oxygen uptake in the body. It's good for all health conditions, especially anaerobia (lack of oxygen condition). A good brand is Oxy-Drops. Look for the ingredient "sodium chlorite" and this will let you know what product you are buying. Oxygen drops are not a scam!

I can clearly understand why you didn't receive the benefits you were seeking with The Male Cleanse. You see, your problem is psychosomatic but mostly psychological and emotional in nature. it appears you have a 2nd chakra imbalance that needs addressing. Most of the work you require is energetic. However, periodic performance of the Full Body Cleanse and The Male Cleanse and healthy diet helps repair the physical damage from excess masturbation. I highly and urgently recommend you schedule a personal consultation so we can get to the root of this problem. Your remedy is not solely in a product, but in yourself!

Full Body Cleanse
The Male Cleanse

The Full Body Cleanse also, drink milk, Thistle seed tea (1 cup daily).

Full Body Cleanse

Put the child on the children's detox and externally apply Oz oil. Paint the child's room blue and let the bed sheet and covers be blue too as blue is the anti-dot to red which is the color of burning and inflammation. Please read our Eczema article. I helped my son from my previous marriage to heal from his eczema in 6 months. Eczema is healable!

Could possibly be a problem with your prostate gland or worse case scenario, cancer? Clearly you have a problem with your urinary-genital system and it is healable so there's nothing to worry about. I would recommend the Full Body Cleanse followed by The Male Cleanse. These cleanses will greatly help you. Work on your kidneys as well ... Drink Juniper Berry or Cornsilk tea daily (1-2 cups)

Full Body Cleanse
The Male Cleanse

Okay, you simply have a hormonal system imbalance and amennorrhea (no menses). First, perform the Full Body Cleanse followed by The Female Cleanse. Drink Female Health Tea too during both of these cleanses. After these cleanses, take 3 capsules each of: Menstrual Cycle Formula, Female Hormonal, Yoni Cleanser. Still drink the Female Health Tea as well. Consider a raw foods diet and drink plenty of vegetable juice and fruit juice. If raw foods is too strict, go vegan! No meat, no dairy, etc. Read as much free information on our site as possible, i.e. "Why Women Are So Sick", the "Myth Of Menstruation", etc.

Full Body Cleanse
Female Hormonal
Menstrual Cycle Formula
Yoni Cleanser
The Female Cleanse
Female Health Tea

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