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You can absolutely do the master cleanse for 10 days. You should keep exercise to a minimum during the fast. Stop if illness occurs or you feel exhausted of course. Although weight-loss occurs during fasting it is not a long term solution to weight loss. Most cleanses achieve the 1 lb a day weight loss depending on water weight lost. Juice fasting is another route to go. You should consider a dietary program such as a low fat high raw vegan diet for sustainable fat loss. Hope this answers your question!

Could you explain a little further? What do you mean by allergic to the fruit? Do you have certain fruit allergies or getting a reaction to the fruit?  Changes in your body are going to occur. Know that your body builds up a culture of bacteria designed to digest your current diet. Your taste buds may have been hijacked by high fat, high sugar, high salt, chemically processed foods. It will take 3 days or more to begin the chance in culture. You will find as your body cleanses your taste buds will be significantly different. 

If you are under a doctors supervision I am forbidden to give you any advice that may alter a doctors advice. They have little to no nutritional training but their word trumps everyone.  What I can do is point you in the direction of programs getting the results you desire. Those three are Dr. Neil M. Barnards "program for preventing and reversing diabetes" (DVD,book), Dr. Gabriel Cousins "Raw in 30" program (DVD) and "There is a cure for diabetes" (book), and recently The Gerson Therapy has released a program for diabetes (book).  The common denominator in all three programs is a low fat vegan diet. The differences are that Barnard's program is a cooked vegan diet while Cousins' and Gerson's program are raw. All get results but the raw programs have a 75 percent success rate in 1 month where as the cooked version of Barnards get results in 6 months. Big difference. I have gotten people off of insulin in around 2 months using a high raw and low fat vegan diet. I use no oils and nuts. I do encourage avocados and seeds for fats. However, with diverticulitis you must avoid seeds until your body repairs itself through a high alkaline diet. I suggest getting a bulk of your fats from avocados and coconut. I usually limit myself to a half an avocados worth of fat a day.  I would look into those books first and if you are under a doctors supervision bring those materials to him/her and see what they say. I hope this helps!

There are essentially two types of raw food diets. There is a high fat low carb gourmet version and there is a high carb low fat version. The gourmet raw vegan diet is promoted by chefs and super food promoting gurus. The low fat high carb version is promoted by athletes and health/medical professionals whos protocols are healing all types of disease.  Most people who go on the high fat/superfood route end up spending a ton of money and end up burning out pretty quickly. All the sucessful long term raw fooders I know follow the high carb version. A typical day would look like. Green smoothie for beakfast (fruits and greens), fruit for snack, large salad with a cup or two of quinoa and salsa for lunch, fruit for snack, raw pasta or raw wraps with hummus for dinner, sorbet for snack. A great book to consider as a guide is "The paradigm diet" by Adam Dave MD.

Animal products are not part of the detox program. The detox protocol is a raw food detox as well. Most if not all food should be consumed raw. Organic meat is a double edged sword. On one hand you have an animal pumped full of anti biotics and on the other hand you have an animal refused antibiotics if they are sick. Which they routinely are being that they are crammed in sheds. The amount of land required by the USDA to be considered free range is the size of a sheet of printer paper. Birds kept in such close quarters communicate diseases fast. I do not recommend any animal products when on a detox.  The main issue with detoxing is lessening the workload of the livers and kidneys so they can clean house. Animal protien is acidic to the body and forces the body to work overtime digesting the excess protein. 

Almond milk is fine if you make it yourself. It's really not that hard to do if you have a good blender. If you can't blend it yourself you can buy it from the store but remember that it's pasteurized and probably has added sugars which you want to avoid.

Hope that answers your questions!

Thanks for the question. During a detox you want to do low intensity weight bearing exercises that get the lymph system moving. Here are some recomendations. Exercises recommended:

· Yoga

· Light resistance training

· Walking

· Biking

· Swimming

· Trampoline

· Pilates

· Aerobics    

Hope that answers your question!

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The most efficient way to lose weight from working out are high rep/low weight circuit training and through HIIT (high intensity interval training). Your goal should be to increase metabolism and fat burning potential throughout the day. Both HIIT and circuit weight training are both effective. To be maximized you should exercise for 1 hour 5-6 times a week. You could alternate between cardio days and circuit training days. Here is an example. 


Tues: Circuit training

Wed: rest Thurs: HIIT

Fri: Circuit training


Sun: Rest  

Here is an example of a circuit and  HIIT Circuit. 15-20 reps 1 minute rest between sets. Repeat for 20-30 minutes. (feel free to use the template and build your own) Upper: pushups Lower: Squats Core: Crunches Plyo: Burpees Upper: Clean and press or curl to press Lower: Alternating weighted lunges Core: Reverse crunches Plyo: Step ups    HIIT (can be done on almost any cardio machine) 3 minute warmup -30 second sprint  -1 minute recovery *Repeat for 15 minutes to 30 minutes* 3 minute cool down Top fat loss mistakes for cardio and weight training Cardio: Doing 1 speed with no resistance cardio. This kills me. Your fat burning potential begins and ends when you do. If it doesn't challenge you it will not change you. Atleast put the resistance on mountain or random.  Weight: Resting too long in between sets. Super sets are key here. Work one set while resting the other. Example of a superset is chest press and seated row together. Quad machine and ham machine. Pullup and shoulder press.  When you ramp up your metabolism you are going to have to eat more. Losing weight isn't about calories. Losing weight is about nutrient density. 

The answer is quite simple. Raw food is healing food. Raw food is easier to digest, puts less strain on the liver and kidneys, has more enzymes, usually less fat, and is simply healing the way nature intended. Nothing gets you from being a health zero to a health hero faster than a raw food diet/cleanse. To understand the healing power of raw food just look at the two top programs for helaing diabetes naturally. You have Dr. Neal M. Barnards program "Preventing and reversing diabetes" and Dr. Gabriel Cousins program "Raw in 30". Same principles of a low fat vegan diet. But one is raw and one allows cooked foods. In 6 months on Dr Barnards program 75 percent are off their insulin. That's fantastic. On the Dr. Cousins program 75 percent are off insulin by 30 days. The healing power of raw foods!!! Hope this helps!

The answer is both. In different ways. Hemp is of course a great source of fat. It has a tremendous ratio of omega 3s to 6s. It helps rebuild muscle because it is anti inflammatory, It helps build muscle by being 33 percent protein by content and a great source of calories for fuel. It's probably best to take hemp seeds, protein powders, butters, oils with greens to enhance bio-availabity and useability. I use hemp seeds in my green smoothies and use a variety of other small seeds in my meals. I do not use oils of any kinds and nut/seed butters occasionally. I prefer not to use hemp protein powders just because I find them gritty in shakes and not the best tasting. There are plenty of other raw protein sources I find more palatable. 

Losing "weight" on a raw foods diet is a definite probability. But the weight might be excess fat and water retention due to detoxing. By weight I am assuming you are talking about muscle. It is not that complicated to keep muscle while on a raw food diet. The Vegan Effect diet program I created is 60-90 percent raw. Raw before dinner if that helps. I allow myself one cooked meal a day. For the most part the diet is a Low fat/high carb/high fruit/high alkaline diet.  The most important thing to remember is getting enough calories. My athletes (including raw body builders) typically eat 1000 calories of fruit for breakfast in the form of a green smoothie. Usually post workout. You need to eat roughly 3000 calories to maintain or grow muscle mass. Some of my mass building athletes eat as much as 5000 calories. Albeit at a higher fat ratio than our standard 70/10/20 carb/fat/protein ratios.  

I am sorry to hear of your plight. There are many ways to lose weight fast. Not all of them healthy. In fact most are not.  The three best ways to lose weight are

1: High raw/high carb/low fat/nutrient dense diet plan

2: Juice fasting/detoxing/cleansing (average 1 pound per day loss)

3: Staying active  

Three books that may help you out get onto the right path (until I get mine published) are

1: "The beauty detox solution" by Snyder

2: "Crazy sexy diet" by Karr

3: "The paradigm diet" by Dave  


Something nice.... Something nice.... Heh. The Paleo diet emphasizes drinking water and eating local/organic food. They shun dairy, processed food, and grains. I agree.  I disagree with just about everything else. For paleo theory to be correct Vegans either have to not exist or be doing very poorly. Wrong on both accounts. They say vegans just can't get enough protein or that we are missing x,y,z in our diets. Never mind that every major paleo website sells the supplements they say only vegans are deficient in. "Vegans don't get enough protein so eat meat and then buy our protein powder supplements. Vegans don't get enough omega 3's so just eat fish and while you are at it buy our krill oil supplements." And so on. The paleo diet is just the low carb diet re-branded. Also see this video They claim carbohydrates make you fat and that the more you eat the more you weigh. Why then do the 80-10-10 crowd all appear not only all thin but extremely healthy? Carbohydrates are your bodies main source of fuel. Preferred source. Every cell in your body runs on glucose. The human body is amazing. The is a secondary source of energy in case of starvation, or glucose deprived. The body starts to burn fat as fuel known as keytosis. This was only meant as a way to keep the body running during famine. However the paleo people think this is a preferred state to be in. It's not. Look up keto-acidosis. Could be deadly.The bottom line is that people will always be looking forward to the latest fad that tells them "good things about their bad habits". My Diet program that I run follows a high carb/low fat/high alkaline/high raw protocol.  All my client reach remarkable health results.  I could go on forever, but I think you get the point.

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Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

I would advise against protein powders during detoxing. The main focus of detoxing is to give the liver and kidneys a break so they can clean house. Adding protein means less time for your liver to detox

To avoid loose skin from weight loss the best thing you can do is lose weight slowly and efficiently. Healthy weight loss is around 1lb to 2lbs per week. Your body always seeks balance and does not respond well to rapid weight gain or loss. Hence the stretching of your skin. It takes around two years for your stretched skin to return to "normal" so be patient. Losing weight fast is a goal most people have and you hear stories of people losing 10 lbs a week and believe that is the way to go. Considering your age it's best to take things slow. Besides not losing weight too rapidly, here are three other tips for keeping skin tight.

Switch to a high raw food diet. Raw food diets are often referred to as "Facelift Diets". People who eat a majority of their food raw (60% plus) look younger than most because of the high antioxidant and phytochemical count in raw plant foods. I have seen hundreds of raw foodists lose weight and cellulite at the same time. Raw food helps the body stay hydrated, refreshed, and repairing rapidly. Fruits are my favorite skin food. Avocados, coconut, bananas, peaches, tropical fruit, grapefruit, berries, etc are all potent skin renewing and correcting foods.

Hydration is the key to elastic skin. A simple test to see if you are hydrated is to pinch the skin on the top of your hand for two seconds and then releasing. If the skin snaps back you are hydrated. If it slowly pulls back to position you need to hydrate. The best way to hydrate is to drink two glasses of room temperature water as soon as you wake up. As maintenance drink 8 ounces of water every two hours. Remove or lessen the amount of dehydrating foodstuffs like coffee, tea that is not herbal, table salt, animal products, artificial sugars.

Take care of your skin now by exfoliating daily, doing salt scrubs, using non toxic and natural beauty products. A rule of thumb is "if you wouldn't put it in your mouth don't put it on your skin". Your skin has a direct pathway to your blood stream so be careful what you put on it. I use coconut oil on my skin daily as a moisturizer and that is it. My skin has never been better.

Here are five foods that will naturally speed up your metabolism. The more efficient your metabolism the more efficient your body will burn fat. Who doesn't want that?! 

1: Grapefruit. Due to it's high alkalinity and high nutrient density it is a great food to rev up your metabolism. Have you heard of the grapefruit cleanse? It works! It's possible it works because you are consuming less calories and fat. However, I feel it also helps the body stay alkaline and allows your body to shed fat.

2: Spices, especially cayenne pepper! All spices and herbs have an alkaline effect making them super foods for weight loss. One Canadian study found the use of spices enabled people to burn up to 1,000 more calories daily than those not incorporating spices into their diet. Cayenne pepper can raise metabolism up to 25 percent in another study.

3: Apples: Apples have 80 calories in them. It takes nearly 100 to digest them. What does that mean for you? That you are getting a ton of nutrients while getting negative net calories. Sounds awesome to me! Also studies have shown that women who eat three apples a day burn more calories than those who didn't. Consider pears in the same category.

4: Leafy greens including green tea. Green tea has special metabolism boosting powers. That why you see the green tea extracts everywhere. However, the extracts do not work. There is something special about using the whole food. You need synergy and so does your food. Spinach, kale, collards, etc are super healthy (what a revelation!!) metabolism amping powers. Obviously are negative calorie foods that go along way.

5: Seeds! Add seeds to greens, smoothies, salads, or just about anywhere. All seeds are potent but the ones that we are talking about here are the tiny ones. Flax, chia, hemp, sesame, etc. They all have wonderful balances of essential fatty acids and in nature the best way to break down fat is with another fat. Hope this answers your question.

Your case is different. Having high blood pressure you do not want to do any exercise overhead like a shoulder press. That could be fatal. You should take it easy at first and ease into harder exercises once your blood pressure has stabilized. I recommend trying to detox with one of the programs at before exercising. Also wear a heart rate monitor so that you do not over do it. Do not let your heart rate go past the maximum. To know your maximum heart rate the formula is simply 220-age. So a 30 year old person should not let his heart rate go beyond 190. Consider also checking your blood pressure and logging it every morning as soon as you wake up to see if there are any changes and if you are over training. Get with a professional trainer who can monitor you and guide you to the best exercises for your condition. Hope this answers your question.

Detoxing and fitness. The best way to detox your body is to give it the tools and time necessary to clean house. There are many types of detoxes and many avenues for fitness. The best way to detox is to rest the body while giving it the cleanest foods and herbs. However, some light forms of exercise like yoga, swimming, jogging, pilates are acceptable because they are light and won't require the amount of nutrients to repair and replenish. A raw food detox is sublime and is one fantastic step towards a healthier body and mind. I encourage you to try it.  What I would do is scale back on the exercise for the length of the detox and have fun! Go hiking and enjoy nature. A light jog instead of a spin class. I guarantee you will not lose strength or endurance during the detox. Intense exercise increases the bodies need for nutrients and protein.  Imagine if you will you have a desk at work. And work keeps piling up and no matter how  you try to efficiently make it through you can't seem to get ahead. What detoxing is designed to do is give yourself the time to clean your desk. The most efficiently way for that to happen is to stop the work from coming in. Heavy exercise may increase your workload. You want your body to be in a cleaning mode and not a repair mode. Again I would continue exercises that are light and stimulating. You want increased blood flow and you want to aid you lymph system to pump efficiently.  Lastly, if you are training for an event it may not be the best time to detox. Detoxing symptoms can throw you off your game. Best time to detox is the off season. Hope this answers your question.

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Spot losing is a myth or sorts. I'm not saying it can't happen but it's highly unlikely and completely uncontrollable. Your body picks and chooses where it gains/loses weight and they are not always in the same spots. Some people gain weight proportionately and some gain it in certain spots (hips, thighs, breasts, belly). I do get asked this question a lot from women "How do I lose weight in my gut or hip area but not in my breast?". The truth is that there is no real answer for that.  Your own spot loss was probably just luckiness and apararently exactly where you needed it to. As far as eating is concerned nothing causes the body to fat more than these two things. One is a high nutrient density, high alkaline, high raw, low fat, vegan diet. The other is juice fasting. Both are extremely helpful. Foods know and studied to cause weight loss are beans, greens, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, raw apple cider vinegar, oatmeal, and fruits and veggies. Noe of which have been conclusive in causing the body to lose fat in certain spots of the body. I run a highly successful health, nutrition, and fitness coaching company. I have coached many people to a vast number of health goals. Weight loss is one of my specialties. My 6 month program is designed to give people all the tools they need to reach their goals. My six month program includes lessons on weight loss, juice fasting, alkalinity, meal planning and meal timing, and also comes with a 90 day fitness plan. The best and most efficient exercises for weight loss are cardio exercises. That is however only part of the equation. Learning how to interval train is your most efficient way to burn fat. You may burn more fat at 60 percent of your maximum heart rate but if you interval train where you change your intensity and heart rate you burn more calories in less time and more fat. Also with low intensity cardio the burn effect ends when you end your training as where interval training keeps your metabolism stoked for hours after training maximizing your burn. Here is an example of interval training 4:30 seconds warm up (moderate speed) 30 seconds sprint 4:30 seconds recovery (moderate speed) 30 seconds sprint 4:30 seconds recovery (moderate speed) Continue intervals for anywhere from 20-30 minutes The second best way is to do high rep, low - moderate weight exercises. Circuit training where you go from one exercise to another with as little as 30 seconds rest in between sets. Here is an example: Jumping jacks 1 minute Crunches 1 minute Pushups 1 minute Squats 1 minute 3 sets of 12 alternating lunge to shoulder press 3 sets chest press x 12 3 sets of bent over rows x 12 3 sets of bicep curls 3 sets of triceps extensions 1 minute of jump squats 1 minute of Lunge and press You want to focus more on exercises that move more than one muscle. Focus on compound exercises (squats, pushups/chest press, pull-up/lat pull downs). Also focus on exercises that make you move like jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and burpees. Hope this helps!

Here are three ideal foods for those who weight train.

Oatmeal: 1/4 cup of oats yields 7-8 grams of protein. Imagine eating a whole cups worth. That's 28 grams!!! Now what if you soaked them in soy milk. Add another 8 grams. I usually do my oatmeal with soy milk, a tbsp. Of ground seeds, tbsp. Cinnamon, tsp. Nutmeg, tbsp. Maple syrup. The long burning starchy carbohydrates are perfect muscle building fuel! Also you get the anti-inflammatory spices that help recovery time and oxygenate the blood!

Spirulina: Spirulina is a superfood that boasts a large amount of amino acids that are hard to get in the plant world. Find a green powder with spirulina and watch the muscles grow! A greens powder is also alkaline and aids in recovery.

Tempeh: Tempeh is a fermented soy/rice product that is super nutrient/protein dense. 1 serving has 20 grams of protein in it! I would flash fry strips in coconut oil, season, and use as croutons in salad. I hope those three options help you and feel free to ask any more questions you have.

Canned fruit is pasteurized which is a heat process that renders the food not raw. Beans are cooked before they are canned and are not raw either. Most canned food has added preservatives and salt. Best to avoid on a cleanse. Look for pre sprouted beans and legumes at your local health foodstore instead. Dried fruit is better than canned fruit just make sure they do not have added sugars or sulfured. Hope that answers your questions.

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